Our Story

Our Story

We are self-taught VCs who believe magic can be found at the other side of questioning convention.

We are bold enough to reimagine Venture Capital as an industry.

We refuse to be boxed by the written & unwritten rulebook. We are not caged to do Venture Capital by-the-book, alone.

We are driven by our deep passion for new ventures and our exposure to the world of digital startups.

Ambition-wise, we believe KaM can become a poster profile for successful self-taught VCs probing the thesis that the VC industry needs ‘Community not Cult’. We are on a journey to:

  • Validate the KaM investment thesis by successfully executing a fine balance between building for sustainable Impact and building for profitability.
  • Validate our thesis that founders and LPs deserve early exits. Early exits on a continent like Africa would accelerate re-injection and re-investment of capital with positive impact, ecosystem-wide.
  • Build a credible portfolio of 10 carefully selected startups with potential to sell at a rewarding premium by Series A.
  • Successfully execute Tunnel Buying making it an industry reference for enabling early exits for VC LPs.

Reminder: We are self-taught VCs, this is our reality & we are super-proud of it.